Some of Tim’s top priorities as County Commissioner will include:

Balanced Budget

Tim will work with the board on achieving a balanced budget for county operations, and oversee spending at the county level to ensure it aligns with the budget.

Blight Ordinances

Tim would like to seek out possible solutions for helping to reduce the number of blight ordinance offenses in the county. Through his work as the ordinance officer in Roscommon Township he is familiar with local ordinances and the process of removing blight, and would like to explore what can be done at the county level.

Economic Growth

Tim would like our county to be appealing to new investors and businesses to help bring jobs and financial growth to our community. The strengths and opportunities in our community should be explored to find the areas of potential growth.

Addressing Drug Abuse

Tim would like to work with community leaders on addressing the issue of drug abuse in our county. Our county is facing a major health crisis, and it will take the collaborative efforts of local medical professionals, law enforcement agencies, human services groups and local governments to drive any sort of change.

Common Sense Decisions

Tim will be a decisive member of the county commission, and will base his decisions on what is in the best interest of the residents of Roscommon County.